State Caucuses


Caucuses help bring greater diversity to the Green Party, and help ensure that the Green Party is hearing from historically under-represented people and taking up their concerns and needs

  • They promote the Green Party in their communities and recruit new members.
  • They give a voice to their members within the Green Party, through membership on the Coordinating Council and other leadership bodies, or taking positions on certain proposals or internal policy matters.
  • They promote policy issues that matter to their members within or outside the Party
  • They recruit and promote candidates and officeholders that represent their communities.


Farmers - Represents Urban, Suburban, and Rural Farmers

Lavender Greens - Represents LGBTQIA+ Greens

Young Greens - Represents Greens Ages 35 And Under


* * * More Caucuses Are Coming Soon * * *


 If interested in helping start up a caucus not yet listed, please email us at [email protected]