Kevin Zeese Legal Defense Fund

In September of 2020, the Maryland Green Party lost one of our key organizers and supporters, Kevin Zeese. To honor his memory and his support of the Green Party, the Maryland Green Party established the Kevin Zeese Memorial Fund. Kevin represented the Maryland Green Party honorably as a candidate for U.S. Senate and worked alongside us for many years.

Kevin saw firsthand the attacks that have been made against Green Parties across the country ramp up after 2016, including in his work as Communications Director for Howie Hawkins' Presidential campaign in 2020. Kevin was an attorney who worked with or founded many groups, such as National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Voters for Peace, and Popular Resistance, which he co-founded in 2013. The Maryland Green Party recognizes and shares the concern over these legal struggles as well, and while we agreed that a general purpose fund was nice, we felt the need to do something more.

Now, with the support of his family, the Maryland Green Party is honored to announce a new name and focus for this fund: the Kevin Zeese Legal Defense Fund. Contributions made to this fund will be held in reserve to assist the Maryland Green Party with legal representation, particularly to protect the Maryland Green Party's ballot access and ability to perform the legal functions of a political party committee under Maryland law.

Thank you for donating in memory of Kevin Zeese’s decades of work to build the Green Party.



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