MGP Discussion List


The Maryland Green Party has established an email listserv for members and supporters to discuss and engage with one another. The purpose of the MGP Discussion list is to facilitate general discussion related to Maryland Green Party actions and current issues.

Listserv Rules

Signing Posts:
All posts should be signed at the bottom of every message with the first and last name of the author. 

Relevance: Posts unrelated to the Maryland Green Party or general public issues of concern to Green Party members should not be sent to the list. Promotion of or solicitation for non-Green candidates for office should not be sent to this list. Messages of a personal nature are not considered relevant for the MGP Discussion list.

General Netiquette: In general, when quoting other messages, the person quoted should be properly cited, and extraneous text (including headers, footers, irrelevant messages to the section being responded to when replying to a digest, and the like) should be deleted. Non-substantive one-word replies generally should be sent off-list. Personal, one-on-one arguments are inappropriate and should be taken off list for one-on-one communication. 

Tone: Insults, name-calling, sexist/sexual, racist, homophobic, or otherwise demeaning or degrading comments will not be tolerated. Hateful, abusive, and threatening language are prohibited. Attacks of a personal, ad hominem nature are prohibited. Making false and defamatory accusations on the listserv against another list member is prohibited. All listserv members are strongly encouraged to refrain from the use of obscene or otherwise offensive language.

Forwards of Private Messages: Forwarding of private messages to the MGP Discussion list without the expressed written permission of the original author is prohibited.

Forwards of Other Items: Copyrighted material (newspaper articles, website content, etc.) and other items forwarded should be accompanied by, if applicable, a source URL, the name(s) of the author(s), and the originating source.