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“Half of registered voters don't vote. Not voting is not a protest; not voting is submission to those who would run your life for you. A third party vote by a significant number of citizens will be noticed. We need a voter's revolution to reverse the errors of the last fifty years. Protest and make your vote count.”

– Silent Partner


60% of Americans do not belong to either major party, and millennials are most dissatisfied and disaffected.  There’s a better way … a third way.

Stop voting for what you don’t want. Stop voting for the lesser of evils. This is what got us here. Doing more of the same and expecting different outcomes is, by definition, insanity.

Help the Green Party maintain ballot access to offer voters a third way. While registering is not voting, and you can still vote your conscience or for any candidate of your choice, the key is to have that choice.

Registering Green can help ensure there is an alternative choice!