Ranked Choice Voting Now!

March 1, 2024 The Forward, Libertarian, and Green Parties agree:  the people of Maryland deserve greater legitimacy and confidence in our electoral system. We have inherited our way of voting from the 1700s, and other systems exist that would better represent the voter diversity across Maryland. The three parties, representing the political spectrum in Maryland, announce our joint support for electoral reform, including Ranked Choice Voting and Independent Redistricting Commissions and will jointly advocate for immediate legislation to effect their implementation throughout the State of Maryland. [See full statement] Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Calls for 2024 Candidates

The Electoral Committee of the Maryland Green Party welcomes members to declare their intent to run for public office with the Green Party. As an organization with a twenty-year history of nominating candidates for public office, we work to assist and support candidates as they seek to promote Green values while in elected office. Declarations of intent to run for public office may be filed with the Maryland State Board of Elections. Candidates for office are reminded of the following: The Maryland Green Party's nomination process for 2024 elections is here. Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding this process. Continue reading

Aug. 29 - New Petition Training and Fundraiser Drive

NEWS FROM OUR MD BALLOT ACCESS COORDINATOR Andrew Messick is our new Ballot Access (petition drive) Coordinator. His mission is to ensure that the Maryland Green Party is on the ballot for the upcoming election cycle and beyond. We have made significant progress, but we require your assistance with petitions and donations to achieve our goal. Keep reading for the details. Continue reading

New Maryland At-Large Delegates Elected!

Results are in for the special election for party offices that ended Aug. 20, 2023! A new bylaws amendment adopted at the June 2023 Maryland Green Party assembly required a special election to fill four newly created seats for at-large delegates to the MGP Coordinating Council.  Continue reading

New Special Election, Election Results, Assembly Report

Our 2023 Annual Assembly was held Sunday, June 25, 2023 - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Zoom recording is here Welcome; Year in Review – Major Highlights Consensus Process for Resolving Conflict – Mary Rooker Electoral Reforms – Andy Ellis, Brian Bittner Election Results for MGP officers and bylaws amendments Continue reading