December 2019 Newsletter

We did it! 

A few days ago, our Maryland Green Party held our first end-of-year party and fundraiser and the event was a tremendous success! Because of Greens like you, since launching our $2,500 fundraising campaign on September 1, we have raised over $3,500 in one-time gifts.

A HUGE thank you to each of you who contributed. Your generous contributions and enduring support for our cause is humbling, inspiring, and plays a tremendous role in sustaining our Party and platform as 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins. This event was yet another fine example of the power we have when we come together.

2019 has been a year of tremendous success for our Party, allowing us to hire two part time staff members to assist with communications and ballot access organizing. Locally, we took action demanding elections be publicly financed in Baltimore City; protesting the ICE Detention facility in Howard County; and supporting Climate Emergency Action in Montgomery County (View List of Accomplishments).

Whether you supported us with your time or a financial contribution, by signing our petition for ballot access, or in another way, it's because of you that our Maryland Green Party will endure into 2020 as a party of the people.

While we have surpassed our goal for $2,500 in one-time gifts, the struggle continues and we still have more to do. Our sustaining monthly donors play an exceptional role in supporting our Party. Currently, we have 26 monthly donors at the level of $12 or more and I look forward to growing this number over the coming weeks and beyond.

Thank you as always for your enduring support.

In solidarity,

Andy Ellis, Co-Chair Maryland Green Party

Greens Speak

“Supporting the Maryland Green Party is my way of building the political alternative we urgently need.

Throughout history, it has been alternative parties that have impacted the national dialog on critical issues and driven major social transformation. In this era when we have two corporate political parties that are failing on critical issues such as health care, the climate crisis, endless war, economic inequality and systemic racism, we need to build an alternative party that clearly outlines the changes we seek. That party is the Green Party. The platform is excellent. It's based on fundamental principles of grassroots democracy, social justice, peace, and ecological wisdom.

When I give my dollars to the Maryland Green Party each month, I know they make a difference. They support educational events and organizing to build the growing number of Green Party locals around the state. They support petitioning for ballot access so we can run candidates. They are building a positive future that we require and that I know we can achieve if we keep working at it.

Dr. Margaret Flowers, Co-Chair, Green Party of the United States

Can you help us? The Maryland Green Party is working hard to become a viable alternative to Democrats and Republicans, a party of real change, not entrenched interests. In 2018 we ran candidates from the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland. In parts of the state we were the only serious alternative to the major parties. Now we need your help. We are petitioning to keep our ballot status so that we can continue to grow. Please consider a donation to the party now."

Tim Willard, Co-Chair, Montgomery County Green Party

Eco-Sensitive Gifts

Contributed By Montgomery County Green Party

"The most eco-sensitive gifts follow the 4 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ... Ending the tradition of material gift-giving is likely the best option, perhaps with a conversation about minimalism or the need to reduce our footprints. If you do offer gifts, replace gift-wrap paper with comic pages or, better yet, with cloth "shopping" bags, or scarves."

Read More for list of Alternative Gift Ideas

Save the Date

We are excited to announce the date for our State Assembly in 2020. 

The annual gathering will be held on Sunday May 31st.

Location and Time will be announced in the early months of the new year. The itinerary will include speakers, officer elections, and group discussions and panels. Additionally, presidential nominating convention delegates will be determined. 

Ballot Access Update

Beginning in January, we will be sharing top petition opportunities of the week via social media.

We still need several thousand signatures to guarantee ballot access for the 2020 election!

Contact our Ballot Access Coordinator, Hunt Hobbs at [email protected] for any petitioning-related questions, to suggest events of your own, or to volunteer and petition with your fellow Greens.