Accomplishments 2019

To Be Updated
Accomplishments Not Limited To This List


  • Adopted short term strategic planning goals that will help us build capacity for the next decade
  • Collected thousands of signatures to get back on the ballot for the 2020 election
  • Hired two part time staff members to help with communication and ballot access organizing
  • Opposed the prohibition on local control of telecommunications (HB 654)
  • Supported the prohibition on the use of Chlorpyrifos (HB 275)


Baltimore City

  • Actively demanded elections be publicly financed


Howard County

  • Assisted in organizing protests against Howard County ICE Detention facility


Montgomery County

  • Advocated for Ranked Choice Voting
  • Demanded the protection of historical African-American cemeteries in Bethesda
  • Opposed AMI Smart Meters, Favored No-Fee Opt Outs
  • Opposed projects to be built on Piscataway Land and Targeted Ecological Area Forest
  • Supported Climate Emergency Action by engaging in local and national protests