We Need to Build an Alternative Party

"Supporting the Maryland Green Party is my way of building the political alternative we urgently need.

Throughout history, it has been alternative parties that have impacted the national dialog on critical issues and driven major social transformation. In this era when we have two corporate political parties that are failing on critical issues such as health care, the climate crisis, endless war, economic inequality and systemic racism, we need to build an alternative party that clearly outlines the changes we seek. That party is the Green Party. The platform is excellent. It's based on fundamental principles of grassroots democracy, social justice, peace, and ecological wisdom.

When I give my dollars to the Maryland Green Party each month, I know they make a difference. They support educational events and organizing to build the growing number of Green Party locals around the state. They support petitioning for ballot access so we can run candidates. They are building a positive future that we require and that I know we can achieve if we keep working at it."

Dr. Margaret Flowers

Green Party of the United States, Co-Chair