Candidate For Governor Ian Schlakman Secures Green Nomination

Unopposed seeking the Green Party nomination for Governor and Lt. Governor, Ian Schlakman and Rev. Annie Chambers, respectively, have officially been nominated to represent the Green Party on the General Election ballot in November of 2018.

The State of Maryland refuses to finance and administer Primary Elections for minor parties, therefore they do not require minor parties to hold primaries. Our adopted 2018 Candidate Nomination Procedure requires us to hold a party-financed Primary Election in the event that more than one candidate files for Governor by March 30, 2018. This did not happen. Schlakman was the only candidate to seek our party’s nomination, therefore mandating, pursuant our Nomination Procedure, to respond with a decision made on Schlakman’s candidacy within four weeks.

This decision was determined by the Coordinating Council (C.C.), which is our annually elected body that functions as the Green State Central Committee. After consulting Green voters, the party voted without any opposition on the C.C. to nominate the Schlakman / Chambers ticket for Governor.

Green State Central Committee Designation
April 20 - April 25


Candidate Delegates In Favor Delegates Against Delegates Not Voting
Ian Schlakman / Annie Chambers 15 0 5


The Maryland Green Party is excited to see its most energized ticket yet to compete in the race for Governor. The Baltimore City Duo has been traveling to every corner of the State, meeting not only with Green voters, but with Marylanders of all affiliations and backgrounds, especially in the poorest and most neglected communities. The team is also connecting to voters through social media and through their own radio show and podcast series (See:

Annie and Ian hope to see you out on the campaign trail! To Learn More, Go To:

Ian is a serial entrepreneur. He runs his own technology and educational consulting company. He's started worker coops, local currencies, time banks & Basic Income groups. He's a former Maryland Green Party Co-Chair, former chair of Baltimore Solidarity and former DSA: National Electoral Committee member.

Annie is a living legend in the Civil Rights movement. She's a former Social Worker. She helped found the Maryland Food Bank, Gold Star Mothers, the National Welfare Rights Coalition & was President of the original Welfare Rights. She's a radio show host and a HUD RAB delegate.