Green Candidate Calls for New Economy Activists to Back His Campaign for U.S House

From the Ian Schlakman for Congress campaign: After attending the recent "It's Our Economy" Conference in Baltimore, Ian Schlakman is calling for new economy activists to declare their support for his campaign for U.S House, District 2.

Schlakman is running on a platform including universal single-payer health care, incentivizing new economic systems such as alternative currencies, and a basic income guarantee (BIG) for all citizens.

"New economy activists are discussing many tools we need to move away from a centralized, corporatized national economy," noted Schlakman. "My campaign is about challenging Congress to talk about these things on Capitol Hill. I am prioritizing the concept of a basic income guarantee because it is a tool that Congress can use to radically change how Americans relate to work and money."

Under a basic income guarantee, all citizens would be paid a subsistence-level wage on a regular basis. Sometimes called "Social Security For All", the program would be administered similarly to Social Security, but provided for all citizens regardless of age or ability.

"A basic income guarantee is one way to stimulate innovation in our economy," says Schlakman. "Hundreds of thousands of Americans are working unfulfilling jobs because they are stuck with millions of dollars of student and consumer debt. They can't risk leaving their jobs to pursue the ideas that will drive our economy in the coming decades. A basic income guarantee can provide the security tomorrow's innovators need to get to work."

"I am calling on new economy activists to support my campaign for Congress and help elect a voice willing to make this argument in Washington, DC. The current crop of Congressional leaders are unwilling to talk about the economy we need to create."

Schlakman is a small business owner and certified IT professional. He is seeking the nomination of the Green Party for Maryland's 2nd District U.S. House seat.