We got a $3,000 grant - please match it!

Earlier this year we told you about our plan to raise an initial $5,000 to hire a ballot access coordinator and continue collecting signatures to get the Green Party back on the ballot for 2024. 

We have great news! Thanks to a grant from the Green Party of the United States, we're more than halfway toward that goal. We only need $2,000 to reach that goal by the end of this month. That would put us way ahead or schedule and help us kick start this ballot access fundraising drive. 

Can you contribute today? Your support is critical to our mission of running great Green candidates for office at all levels in Maryland.

Here's the best part: several Greens have come forward with offers to match contributions made this month. If you help us raise $1,000, these matching donors will make an additional $1,000 in contributions to help us reach our initial goal. 

We've successfully completed ballot access drives many times before and know that early investment is key. It is critical to hire a coordinator and professional signature gatherers early when rates are low. Your support now is crucial.

Thank you for your support! Click here to make a contribution to the MGP ballot access effort today.  

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks!