New Maryland At-Large Delegates Elected!

Results are in for the special election for party offices that ended Aug. 20, 2023! A new bylaws amendment adopted at the June 2023 Maryland Green Party assembly required a special election to fill four newly created seats for at-large delegates to the MGP Coordinating Council. 

Votes submitted by MGP members have been tabulated, and the following four at-large members of the MGP Coordinating Council have been elected for the 2023-2024 term:

  1. Renaud Brown (Baltimore City)
  2. Harry Isaksson (Talbot County)
  3. Andrew Messick (Montgomery County)
  4. David Tibbetts (Allegany County)

Party voters also elected two alternate delegates to the Green National Committee:

  1. Renaud Brown (Baltimore City)
  2. Andrew Messick (Montgomery County)