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Green Candidacy

The Maryland Green Party was first qualified to run candidates in the year 2000. Since then, the party has run candidates for office at both the state and local level for every election year. The Maryland Green Party is committed to running candidates for public office who show their commitment for the Green Party's Ten Key Values. The information below details our nominating process.

Maryland Green Party Nomination Process


Revised: 9/27/15

The Maryland Green Party will use the following procedure to determine its nominees for U.S. Senate and Congressional races in 2016.


1.)    The Maryland State Board of Elections sets a deadline by which all candidates for public office must file a Declaration of Intent to run for office. This deadline is February 3, 2016. All candidates seeking the Green Party’s nomination must be sure to file this declaration in a timely manner.


2.)    To be eligible to have their name placed on this ballot, a candidate must

a.) Be a registered member of the Green Party.

b.) Complete the Maryland Green Party candidate application.

c.) File a Declaration of Intent with the Maryland State Board of Elections by the deadline established by state law (February 3, 2016).

3.)    Candidates for President of the United States are determined by rules set by the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). The Maryland Green Party will include on its ballot the names of all candidates who have met all GPUS requirements by the required deadlines, as well as the options: “None of the Above” and “No Nominee.”

4.)    Candidates are encouraged to meet with the various Locals of the Maryland Green Party and actively engage Maryland Green Party voters.

5.)    The Maryland Green Party will create a ballot by April 2, 2016. There will be a separate ballot for each Congressional district, but each ballot will include the same candidates for U.S. Senate. There will also be a separate ballot for President of the United States. In order to receive ballots, Maryland Greens must submit a request by emailing or by calling (240) 533-2399 no later than, April 17, 2016. We will need your Congressional district or address to determine the correct Congressional ballot to send to you.

6.)    All ballots must be received by mail by the Maryland Green Party at P.O. Box 217, Kensington, MD 20895 by Saturday, April 30, 2015.  MGP Locals may conduct in-person balloting up until May 1, 2016. Please contact your Local to find out if there is an MGP polling location near you.

7.)    In addition to the mail-in voting and in-person voting described above, voting for the presidential nominee will occur, also, at the Maryland Green Party Annual Assembly to be held in [TBA] on [TBA]. Ballots for the presidential race will be counted at the MGP Annual Assembly. In order to verify validity of each ballot, the MGP will require voters to provide the following information on the envelope that contains their ballots: name, ZIP CODE and date of birth. In order to resolve cases of potential fraud, each voter must also provide a valid e-mail address or phone number at which they can be reached to confirm their vote.

8.)    Ranked-choice voting will be implemented whenever possible. "None of the above" and “No Nominee” will be listed as options for all races. Write-ins cannot be accepted. Candidates must win a majority of the votes received to receive the nomination of the Maryland Green Party. The Coordinating Council of the Maryland Green Party retains the final authority to submit Certificate of Nomination to the State Board of Elections on behalf of the party's nominees. 

9.)    For President of the United States, a Single-Transferable Vote (STV) method will be employed. Each candidate will be allotted a specific number of delegates based on the percentage of the vote. Delegates will be selected at the Maryland Green Party Annual Assembly on [TBA].  Selected delegates will attend the National Green Party Nominating Convention in [TBA] on [TBA].




Voter Registration:

  • To be eligible to vote in the MGP Primary, a you must be a current resident of Maryland and at least 16 years old by the final date of the vote (the date of the MGP Presidential Nominating Convention).


  • You must have affiliated with the Green Party for voter registration purposes by the Board of Elections deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation (April 6, 2016).


  • If you are ineligible to register to vote in Maryland due to age, citizenship status or parole status, you may complete an MGP application stating your desire to affiliate with the Green Party. You must have communicated this intention to an MGP officer by April 6, 2016.