Green Party Presidential Primary

Attention Maryland Greens

The Maryland Green Party ANNUAL ASSEMBLY and PRESIDENTAL NOMINATING CONVENTION is on SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2016, from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Liberty Elementary Rec & Tech Center 3901 Main Avenue Baltimore, MD 21207

Check back here for updates.

The Annual Assembly includes workshops, speakers and the election of Officers of the MGP. Please contact Michael Cornell,, if you are interested in any of these Officer positions: Co-Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Membership Coordinator, Delegate to the GPUS.

Green Party Presidential Election

The Presidential Nominating Convention is the final opportunity for Maryland Greens to cast their ballot in the Presidential race. Based on the percentage that each candidate receives, we will apportion a total of 6 delegates. We will caucus at the Convention to decide who will be the 6 delegates to represent the Maryland Green Party delegation at the GPUS Convention on August 4 – 7 in Houston, Texas.


These Green Party Presidential Candidates will appear on the MGP ballot:

1. Darryl Cherney

2. Raymond Haigood

3. William Kreml

4. Elijah Manley

5. Kent Mesplay

6. Jill Stein

7. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry



Voting Instructions (.doc)

MGP Ineligible to register to vote (.pdf)

Ballot (.pdf)

2016 Primary Results



US Senate
Candidate Votes %
Margaret Flowers 125 98%
None of the Above 3 2%
No Nominee 0 0%
Congressional District 3
Candidate Votes %
Nnabu Eze 17 100%
None of the Above 0 0%
No Nominee 0 0%
Congressional District 4
Candidate Votes %
Kamesha Clark 2 100%
None of the Above 0 0%
No Nominee 0 0%
Congressional District 6
Candidate Votes %
George Gluck 6 100%
None of the Above 0 0%
No Nominee 0 0%
Congressional District 7
Myles Hoenig 34 85%
None of the Above 4 10%
No Nominee 2 5%
Congressional District 8
Candidate Votes %
Elizabeth Croyden 6 11%
Charles Galloway 2 4%
Nancy Wallace 45 85%
None of the Above 0 0%
No Nominee 0 0%



Candidate Votes %
Harris 58 85%
Marriott 2 3%
McCray 5 7%


City Council

President - Meek

CC3 - Spilly

CC6 - White

CC9 - Frierson

CC10 - Maminski

CC12 - Schlackman

Green Party Presidential Primary

The Green Party Presidential Primary is underway. Please visit for information on the process.

In the Maryland Green Party, we will make a mail-in ballot available in May 2016. The final vote and tabulation of the ballots will occur at The MGP Assembly and Presidential Nominating Convention.

MGP Assembly and Presidential Nominating Convention

Sunday, June 12, 2016

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.



Attention Maryland Greens!

The location of the MGP Assembly is changing, we will announce the new location shortly.


At the Convention, we will total all of the presidential ballots, and determine the number of delegates awarded to each candidate. The Maryland Green Party has a total of 6 delegate slots. The 6 delegates will join Green Party delegates from across the nation at the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention in Houston, Texas on August 4th – 7th.

(If you are interested in becoming an MGP delegate, please plan to attend the MGP Assembly and Presidential Nominating Convention on June 12th. Please check back here for updates and details).


2016 Primary Ballot

Voting Instructions


Maryland Green Party – Senate and Congressional Primary Election


1. Open the document (linked at the bottom of this post) entitled, “MGP Senate/Congressional ballot”.


2. Print the ballot, double-sided (If you can only print single-sided, that’s fine. Make sure you complete and send both pages).


3. Complete the VOTER AND DISTRICT INFORMATION on the front of the ballot. This information will be used to verify that you are a Maryland registered Green. After we verify your information, we will cut off this portion of the ballot. No one will view or count an actual vote until May 1st. Your identity will not be linked to your vote in any way.


4. Complete the voting section of the ballot. You may find instructions for this section directly on the ballot.


5. Mail your ballot to this address:

Maryland Green Party

P.O. Box 217

Kensington, MD 20895


6. Your ballot MUST ARRIVE by April 30, 2016. We will count the votes on May 1, 2016.



DO NOT give your ballot to a campaign. We will not accept ballots handed to us from a campaign.


7. THANK YOU for voting in the 2016 MGP Primary.


Here are the MGP Senate/Congressional ballot (download 384k .pdf) and these voting instructions (download 31k .doc). 

Attention Maryland Greens:

The Maryland Green Party primary for Senate and Congressional candidates is about to begin. Beginning April 6, 2016, we will make a downloadable ballot available on this website. Please check back soon.

Congratulations to Our New Party Officers!

At our recent assembly, the membership of the Maryland Green Party elected new officers. Congratulations to the new leadership of the Maryland Green Party!

Ian Schlakman and Bonnie Lane will serve as Co-Chairs. 
Amie Myers will serve as Treasurer. 
Leslie Ware, Jr will serve as Membership Coordinator. 
Julia Rice will serve as Secretary. 

Bahram Zandi and George Gluck will serve as Delegates to the Green National Committee. 

Join Us at Our 2015 Annual Assembly!

The Maryland Green Party's annual assembly will be held on Saturday, May 16.

TIME:  10:30am - 3:30pm

LOCATION: Howard County Library - Glenwood Branch, 2350 State Road 97, Cooksville, MD 21723

The assembly will feature a panel of MGP candidates discussing what it takes to run a campaign for office; and a panel on coalition building with other third parties and activists.

We will also be electing party officers for the coming year.

We request a contribution of $25 to help cover the costs of food and materials but no one will be turned away for not making a contribution.

Click here for more information and to register.