Put the Maryland Green Party on the ballot!

You can make sure voters have the choice to vote Green in 2019

That's right. Every four years the state of Maryland requires us to gather ten thousand signatures for ballot access. No ballot access, and we can't run Greens for office. If we can't run Greens for office, voters are stuck with only one or two choices. That's hardly a democracy.

We are organizing now You can be part of it in whatever way suits you best.

Do you like to be part of a group? Contact your local party and find out when they are petitioning. If you don't have a local party close by, gather some friends and pick a place. We'll train you and even send a petitioner to join you if you want one.

Do you want to choose your own schedule? Great! Check out  instructions below. Print your petitions here, grab a clip board and off you go.

Petition Instructions  Download the petition | Petition Reporting