MD GND Public Meeting

On October 6, 2019 a public meeting was held, to begin the process of crafting a Green New Deal for Maryland. Continue reading

Maryland Green New Deal

The following is an op-ed by Owen Silverman Andrews, co-chair of the Baltimore City Green Party, published via Maryland Matters on September 13, 2019. On October 6, 2019, the first participatory, public meeting to craft a Green New Deal for Maryland was held. Continue reading

MD Green New Deal Meeting -- Reunión de MDGND

Join the Baltimore City Green Party for a Maryland Green New Deal Public Interest Meeting! Your input is needed as we begin to draw up this transformative policy founded on the pillars of social justice, nonviolence, grassroots democracy, and ecological wisdom. We want to hear from you! Continue reading

September 2019 Newsletter

Over the past year, the Green New Deal has quickly entered the mainstream political discourse. Most Americans believe we must act urgently to address climate change and many presidential and congressional candidates are including “Green New Deal” proposals in their platform.  The Green New Deal has been a key element of the Green Party platform for nearly a decade and we are excited for the renewed energy around this issue. We look forward to a vigorous debate at the state local and national level about which method is the best way to address the coming climate catastrophe.  Continue reading

Letter from the Maryland Green Party to our Supporters

Dear Supporter, Tomorrow we will be sending out our September newsletter, but before then we want to talk to you about our ballot access initiative. Continue reading