MD Green New Deal Meeting -- Reunión de MDGND

Join the Baltimore City Green Party for a Maryland Green New Deal Public Interest Meeting! Your input is needed as we begin to draw up this transformative policy founded on the pillars of social justice, nonviolence, grassroots democracy, and ecological wisdom. We want to hear from you! Continue reading

September 2019 Newsletter

Over the past year, the Green New Deal has quickly entered the mainstream political discourse. Most Americans believe we must act urgently to address climate change and many presidential and congressional candidates are including “Green New Deal” proposals in their platform.  The Green New Deal has been a key element of the Green Party platform for nearly a decade and we are excited for the renewed energy around this issue. We look forward to a vigorous debate at the state local and national level about which method is the best way to address the coming climate catastrophe.  Continue reading

Letter from the Maryland Green Party to our Supporters

Dear Supporter, Tomorrow we will be sending out our September newsletter, but before then we want to talk to you about our ballot access initiative. Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Prepares for Annual National Meeting

The Green Party US Annual National Meeting (ANM) will take place in Salem, MA from July 25 to 28. Members of the MD Green Party will attend and encourage you to join them. Find more information and register here:  The registration fee can be reduced or waived if it imposes a hardship for you. Housing is provided in dormitories. There are inexpensive flights to Boston from Spirit and Jet Blue and Megabus goes there.  The ANM begins on the Thursday afternoon with workshops. The evening speaker is Dr. Toussaint Losier, who studies mass incarceration. Workshops continue all day Friday with a Presidential Forum on Friday night. On Saturday, the morning will focus on anti-oppression training, then Ajamu Baraka will give the keynote. The afternoon will focus on strategy with workshops provided by the Ballot Access Committee, the Campaign Coordinating Committee and the Presidential Campaign Support Committee. Additionally, Ajamu Baraka and Margaret Flowers will talk about issues and party building. That night there will be a fundraiser featuring Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight. On Sunday, there will be a variety of report backs. The conference ends at noon.

Maryland Green Party Calls For An End to Gerrymandering

Maryland Green Party Responds to Supreme Court  Decision on Gerrymandering   Redistricting Should Serve Democracy Not Partisan Politics   The Maryland Green Party deplored the decision by the US Supreme Court that it would not prevent political gerrymandering. This decision allows political parties to draw boundaries for electoral districts that protect the party in power. It turns democracy on its head by allowing parties to pick their voters, rather than voters picking their elected officials.   In Maryland where Democrats have a decades-long veto-proof majority in both houses of the legislature, the Supreme Court overruled a district court ruling that had struck down the map for Maryland’s sixth district which runs from the DC beltway to the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland Border. Democratic governor Martin O’Malley intentionally drew this district to disenfranchise Republicans, and now presidential candidate John Delaney served in the seat as one of the top ten richest members of Congress from 2013-2018 and is now running for president.    In a deposition challenging the partisan redistricting in Maryland to ensure more Democratic Party seats, former Governor Martin O’Malley said “ "It was also my intent to create ... a district where the people would be more likely to elect a Democrat than a Republican."A consultant hired by the Democratic members of the congressional delegation said the objectives of redistricting were, "No. 1, incumbent protection. And No. 2, trying to see if there was a way that there was another Democrat district in the state." Maryland Democrats are fond of saying that complying with the lower court ruling finding Maryland voting districts to be in violation of the law would amount to “unilateral disarmament”, vowing to not draw constitutional districts until North Carolina does.     Maryland Green Party Co-Chair Andy Ellis said “ In Maryland, a Democratic Attorney General sided with North Carolina Republicans in appealing to the conservative justices on the supreme court to defend the right to draw explicitly partisan districts” he continued “In Maryland it’s Democrats who abuse the constitution and the voters for political gain.”   Maryland Greens support taking the politics out of redistricting by creating an independent commission as an immediate step toward a broader set of democracy reforms. Districts should be determined by an independent commission with the intent of fair representation of voters. Redistricting needs to serve real democracy, it should not be used to thwart democracy.