The Maryland Green Party stands in Solidarity with the People of Minnesota

The Maryland Green Party Stands in Solidarity with Victims of White Supremacy and Systemic Racism. Demands Community Control of the Police, and Prosecution of the Four Police Officers involved in the Murder of George Floyd. Continue reading

Green Party Reaffirms Support for Equality for All, Urges Georgia Green Party to Reconsider Their Position

The Maryland Green Party is reaffirming its support for the GPUS platform on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, see below, which expresses equal rights for transgender people. We are taking this action because a division has developed in the Green Party. The Georgia Green Party has adopted a position inconsistent with this platform position. The Women's Caucus has correctly said "transgender women are women. We do not support the division and oppression of one oppressed group by further oppressing another."  We stand with the Women's Caucus and the Lavender Caucus in urging the Georgia Green Party to reconsider its position. We hope all state Green Parties will join the Maryland Green Party in urging equal rights for all regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.   Continue reading

Letter to State Board of Elections on Ballot Access Petitioning

The following letter was sent to the State Board of Elections, regarding Ballot Access Petitioning during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A letter was also sent by the Baltimore City Green Party. Visit Our Ballot Access Page on COVID-19   Continue reading

Call for 2020 Officer Nominations

E-mail [email protected] to request your 2020-2021 Maryland Green Party Officers ballot. Please the subject line "Requesting MGP Officers Ballot". Include your first and last name, date of birth, and ZIP code at which you are registered to vote with the State Board of Elections. You will receive a ballot and instructions by e-mail. Ballots must be returned to [email protected] by 12 noon, Saturday, May 30th. The Maryland Green Party is accepting nominations for officers including Co-Chairs (2), Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Membership Coordinators (2). Additionally, the party is accepting nominations for 2 Delegates to the Green National Committee (GNC), 2 GNC Alternates, and 8 Delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. Continue reading