Libertarians and Greens Call on Maryland Officials to Maintain their Ballot Access Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

The Maryland Libertarian and Green Parties are calling on the General Assembly, Governor, and Board of Elections to place them on the ballot for the November general election, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Continue reading

February 2020 Newsletter

Hello Friend, We filed an ethics complaint against Larry Hogan, regarding conflicts of interests with his business arrangements. Through his controversial real estate dealings, he is the only Governor in the state's history to have made millions of dollars while serving in office. Continue reading

Ethics Complaint Against Larry Hogan

The following complaint was signed, notarized and mailed by certified mail to the Maryland Ethics Commission on February 20, 2020. Continue reading

Maryland Greens Support Special Elections (SB 10 / HB 103 - 2020)

The Maryland Green Party endorses SB 10 and HB 103 in the 2020 session of the Maryland General Assembly. These bills call for a constitutional amendment that would allow for special elections at the next statewide general election for vacancies that occur in the first two years of a general assembly term.  Continue reading

January 2020 Newsletter

As you may already be aware, union pensions are under attack, which is why the Maryland Green Party supports the Butch Lewis Act (HR 397 — 2019-2020) to preserve union pensions. We oppose the Grassley Alexander proposal which would destroy union pensions. Continue reading