Green Party Urges President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry to Reject Tar-Sands Pipeline

The Maryland Green Party is hosting a petition for Marylanders to call on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Click here to add your name.  From the Green Party of the United States: "President Obama is standing at a crossroads right now. He can say no to the Keystone XL pipeline and prove that his administration is serious about reducing production and consumption of fossil fuels. Or he can satisfy Big Oil and major investors by okaying the pipeline's conveyance of dirty, dangerous tar-sands crude oil from Canada across the United States," said Darryl Moch, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Green Party leaders called the State Department's Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, released last week, a troubling sign that the President might approve the pipeline soon. The Green Party has strongly opposed the pipeline and is urging Secretary of State John Kerry and the State Department, as well as other agencies, to reject it... Read the complete statement from the Green Party of the United States here.  

Green Party to Celebrate 30 Years in Saint Paul, Minnesota July 24-27th

2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the first national meeting of Greens, held at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1984. The first national Green organization - the Green Committees of Correspondence - was founded at that meeting with the goal of organizing local groups to work toward a Green political organization. This July, the Green Party of the United States will hold its Annual National Meeting at Macalester College to commemorate the anniversary. The meeting will be held from July 24-27th. Click here for more details about the Green Party's 2014 Annual National Meeting. 

Join Our State of the Union Chat and Response Tonight

The Green Party of the United States will host a live chat during tonight's State of the Union address, followed by the Green Party's analysis and response. Guests scheduled to participate include Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, 2014 Green Party candidates, climate activist Tim DeChristopher, and others! The broadcast will be begin at 9pm Eastern time.   The Maryland Green Party will be streaming the event on our website. Click here to watch.    

One Month Left To Run For Office in 2014

There is one month left to declare your intent to seek the Green Party's nomination for local, state, or federal office in 2014. According to state law, all candidates for office in 2014 must submit their Declaration of Intent to run by Tuesday, February 25th.  Click here for more information about state requirements for running for office. For more information about seeking the Green Party's nomination for 2014, click here. We need great candidates like you!

Today is the 4th Anniversary of Citizens United

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC decision, when the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are allowed to make unlimited political expenditures. Wealthy individuals, corporations and Super PACs are now free to spend millions on advertisements for the candidates and elected officials who will be expected to protect consumers from those same corporations once they are elected. In 2012, corporations and Super PACs spent over $1 billion on our elections, much of which was not publicly disclosed. The Green Party believes that a level playing field for all candidates for public office is vital to a functional American democracy. We call for the overturning of the Citizens United decision. We support amending the Constitution to ensure that only human beings - not corporations - are considered persons with free speech rights. This is why the Green Party is the only national political party that refuses all contributions from corporations and political action committees. The Green Party is leading by example - leading the way to elections free of corporate influence, undisclosed cash, and democracy sold to the highest bidder. Please help us lead the way with a contribution today.