David Gregory, Help Marylanders "Meet the Candidates" With These Questions

In preparation for Wednesday's Democratic Gubernatorial primary debate featuring Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, Attorney General Doug Gansler and Delegate Heather Mizeur the Maryland Green Party has forwarded the following questions to debate moderator and host of NBC's Meet the Press David Gregory. The Green Party asks Gregory to ask the following questions regarding the candidates' support for the Green Party values held by many Marylanders:Do the candidates support legislation outlawing corporate contributions to political candidates and parties in Maryland?Do the candidates support a universal, single-payer health program - similar to Vermont's Green Mountain Care - to ensure that Marylanders who cannot afford private health insurance are covered for their basic health needs?Do the candidates support a living wage for Marylanders, calculated by MIT statistics to be at least $15 an hour?Do the candidates support a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as a symbol of their support for robust investment in Maryland's solar and wind energy infrastructure?Do the candidates support a ban on waste-fueled incinerators?Do the candidates support an independent, nonpartisan commission for future electoral redistricting?

2014 Primary Ballot Now Available

The 2014 Maryland Green Party primary election is now underway. We are nominating candidates for United States House Districts 2 and 6, Maryland House of Delegates District 20, and Montgomery County Council, At-Large. Visit the following page for more information on who is eligible to vote and to download a ballot.All ballots must be returned to the Maryland Green Party by Saturday, May 31st. 

Happy May Day From the Party of Labor!

From the Green Party of the United States: Today the Green Party celebrates May Day, also known as International Workers' Day. The Green Party platform calls for a living wage for all workers (much higher than the $10.10 per hour proposed by President Obama), the rights to unionize, collectively bargain, and strike, and a comprehensive package of rights for workers. We recognize that workers are responsible for our nation's wealth and middle class. We oppose the efforts of the wealthiest 1%, and the corporations and politicians they own, to dismantle organized labor and the American middle class. Our solidarity with labor has led to more Green Party candidates earning the support of organized labor each election cycle.Greens around the country are participating in May Day events this week, including in the District of Columbia, Philadelphia, and other cities across the country.Because the Green Party is an international movement, we are particularly excited to celebrate International Workers' Day with people across the globe. As a sign of our commitment to building movements across borders, we just concluded our Be Green Globally campaign, organized in cooperation with the Green Parties of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.Happy May Day! 

Save the Date: Maryland Green Party Assembly May 31st

The Maryland Green Party is planning to hold its annual assembly on Saturday, May 31st in Takoma Park. The event will tentatively begin at 9am. Plans are being finalized - make sure to stay tuned for the official announcement and full schedule to be posted soon!

Green Party To Hold National Meeting in Saint Paul, MN, July 24-27

Washington, DC - The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2014 Annual National Meeting at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, from Thursday, July 24 to Sunday, July 27.The 2014 meeting will mark the 30th anniversary of the first national get-together of Greens, which took place at Macalester College. The first national Green organization - the decentralized Green Committees of Correspondence - was founded at that meeting with the goal of organizing local groups and working towards a Green political organization.The Ten Key Values adopted by the Green Party were put forth during the 1984 meeting.Read the full statement here...