MGP Statement of Opposition to HB 949 / SB 739

The Maryland Green Party opposes SB 739 / HB 949, the purpose of which is to attempt to squelch dissent and uphold Israel’s apartheid policies. It would stifle free speech by penalizing companies, organizations, and individuals who boycott Israel in support of Palestinian human rights. The proposed legislation would violate the First Amendment, which includes boycott as a form of protected speech (NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co.). Continue reading

MGP Supports the Prohibition of the Suspension and Expulsion of Pre-k Students

Status: HB 425: Favorable with amendments, passed 3/13, Third Reading Passed (91-48).  Sent to Senate, First Reading Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs 3/17 SB 651: Favorable with amendments 3/20 Continue reading

MGP Coordinating Council Endorses The Maryland Trust Act - HB 1362 / SB 835

The Maryland Green Party Coordinating Council has endorsed the Maryland Trust Act (HB1362/ SB835). This is a very significant piece of legislation that will impact the lives of many Marylanders in crucially important ways. Continue reading

MGP Backs Collective Bargaining For Community College Employees

In support of collective bargaining for community college employees in the state of Maryland, the Maryland Green Party Endorses House Bill 871 and Senate Bill 652, which importantly establishes collective bargaining rights for community college employees as well as establishing procedures for the selection of an exclusive bargaining representative. Continue reading

Fight For Fifteen: MGP Endorses HB 1416 / SB 962

The Maryland Green Party endorses HB1416 / SB962.  This measure would increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 an hour, in phases, culminating in the $15 by 2024.  At that point, the minimum wage would begin to be indexed for inflation.  The bill provides for a slower schedule of phase-in for businesses that employ fewer than 26 people. Continue reading