Joint Action Alert From Maryland Green Party General Assembly Candidates

SB-122 is a dangerous crime bill being pushed through the Maryland General Assembly that will use the most ineffective and expensive approach to reducing crime. It creates unnecessarily longer sentences and mandatory minimum sentences that will have a racially unfair impact on Black, Brown, and poor people in communities already targeted by over policing and mass incarceration. It will place a hefty cost on the backs of Maryland taxpayers, as it will greatly expand prison populations. Each Maryland prisoner costs $44,600 per year to incarcerate. Continue reading

Maryland Green Leadership Unanimously Endorses Fight For Fifteen

The Maryland Green Party unanimously endorses HB 664 / SB 543. This measure would increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 an hour, in phases, by 2023. Beginning in 2024, the minimum wage would be indexed for inflation only to be further increased. By 2025, the tipped wage in Maryland would also be $15. In 2026, the tip credit amount as part of the wage of certain employees would become prohibited. Continue reading

Amazing Year of Growth: More to Come in 2018

The Maryland Green Party has had an amazing year of growth and activity. We expect 2018 to be even better but we need your help. Continue reading

An Evening with Ajamu Baraka, Annie Chambers & Special Guests

Join us for an evening with Ajamu Baraka, sponsored by the Prince George’s County Green Party and the Maryland Green Party.“In These Times of War, We Need a Party for Peace”Friday, October 20th from 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.Riderwood Village - Music Classroom, 3110 Gracefield Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Continue reading

Green Party to Congress: Pass the Sanders bill and HR 676, enact Single-Payer now

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party is calling for swift passage of Single-Payer national health care, which now has Sen. Bernie Sanders' legislation in the U.S. Senate (Medicare for All Act of 2017) along with House bill 676 to make conversion to a universal health care system possible. The Green Party of the United States supports a National Improved Medicare for All system that includes everyone living in the country, provides comprehensive benefits and eliminates cost-sharing such as co-pays and deductibles. The party has endorsed Single-Payer / Medicare For All ever since the party was founded. Continue reading