Declare Your Independence - Get Greens on the Ballot!

It's time to declare your independence from the system that tries to tell us that two golf handicap-obsessed men who support and are funded by the same corporate interests and oppressive overseas regimes are the only choices to lead this nation.After last week's debate where no one won and America overwhelmingly lost, the entire country is searching for ways to declare their independence. The Green Party is working to meet the moment by winning ballot access and providing an alternative for voters desperate for something new.  Continue reading

There is No Debate

The Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is starting in a few minutes, and on one issue there is no debate – there should be more than two candidates on the stage right now.Unfortunately, we're too late to get a Green Party candidate on the debate stage tonight, but we aren't too late to get a Green candidate on Maryland's Presidential ballot this November. We need every signature we can get as we are set to begin the final month of our ballot access campaign.  Continue reading

Ballot Access News Week of June 17th

Our ballot access drive is in the home stretch. We need 15,000 signatures by August 2nd in order to get Greens on the Maryland ballot in 2024 and 2026. We have a lot of momentum, but we need as many volunteers as we can get! Whether you can help us with 1 signature, 5 signatures, or 50 signatures it all helps!    Read more to see the top 5 ways you can get involved this week!  Continue reading

An Open Letter to the 'Vote Uncommitted' Movement

On behalf of the Maryland  Green Party, we would like to congratulate the organizers, advocates, and voters who helped to secure nearly 65,000 votes for “Uncommitted” in the Maryland Democratic Primary. In doing so, these voters used the power of the ballot to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza, demonstrating that any vote for President Joe Biden can and will be contingent upon an end to US support of the ongoing genocide enacted by the state of Israel.  Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Response to the Key Bridge Collapse

The Maryland Green Party sends our love and solidarity to the people of the Baltimore area as we watch the news about the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Several repair workers died in the collapse. We are saddened by these tragic and unnecessary deaths. The impact of this disaster goes beyond those that lost their life and their families. The Key Bridge was a major part of the local economy and regional transit infrastructure. Greens believe that we need to invest in infrastructure, regulate the transnational shipping industry, move beyond a coal-based economy, and use precautionary principles to ensure that economic growth in places like the Baltimore Harbor protects the needs of workers, communities, and the environment. The reconstruction of the Key Bridge must ensure that the communities surrounding it do not become a space of environmental sacrifice.