MGP Supports Ban On Fracking

The Maryland Green Party unanimously stands in support of SB 740, entitled "Oil and Natural Gas - Hydraulic Fracturing - Prohibition," which would place a ban on fracking in our state.  Continue reading

MGP Endorses SB 712 - Support HBCUs

HBCUs are an integral part of building excellent colleges that serve all the people of Maryland. Continue reading

MGP Statement Of Opposition On HB 317

The Maryland Green Party stands in opposition to HB 317, "Labor and Employment - Wages and Benefits - Preemption of Local Authority." The stated purpose of this bill is to prevent counties and municipalities from setting a minimum wage independent of the state minimum wage. It also prohibits local authorities from implementing paid sick leave and other benefits that would help working people and their families. Continue reading

MGP Statement On Muslim Ban

The Maryland Green Party calls on President Trump to immediately rescind his Executive Order, “Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” This order is rooted in xenophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry, and its ban on refugees is a specifically hideous act towards the most vulnerable in need. Continue reading


Don’t waste your vote this election, #InvestYourVote. Why should we allow the corporate parties to spoil our elections anymore? “Lesser evilism” has brought us everything we feared – erosion of our civil liberties and civil rights, mass deportations, ongoing wars and a massive refugee crisis, a meltdown of our climate and the crashing of our economy. It’s time to stand up and say no more! And you can feel safer about your vote not helping someone you don’t want because we don’t live in a “swing state.” Continue reading