Green Party Calls For Halt To Drone Strikes, Obama's Unconstitutional War Powers

From the Green Party of the United States: The Green Party called for an immediate halt to all drone warfare and for the Obama Administration to comply with the Constitution's assignment of war powers to Congress."The White House has usurped the legislative branch's control over war, by having the CIA wage targeted drone warfare against Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia outside of Congress's oversight," said Howie Hawkins, Green candidate for Governor of New York. Mr. Hawkins is from Syracuse, where drones on combat missions are controlled out of Hancock Air National Guard Base."The Obama Administration says it's reducing the use of drones. We demand a complete end to drone strikes, which are killing civilians and, by inciting hostility against the U.S., placing Americans at potential risk of reprisal," said Mr. Hawkins. Greens said that President Obama has kept Congress and the public in the dark on drone warfare...(read the complete statement here)

Tim Willard Announces Campaign for Montgomery County Council At-Large

Tim Willard, of Kensington, has announced his intention to seek the Green Party's nomination for Montgomery County Council, At-Large. Tim is a retired archivist and the current co-chair of the Maryland Green Party. Tim's website can be found here.  Tim has lived in Montgomery County for thirty years. Tim and his wife have three children. He worked for 26 years at the National Archives.  The Maryland Green Party will hold a state-wide party-organized primary election to determine its nominees for 2014 campaigns.   

Only Two Weeks Left to Declare Your Intent to Run!

The deadline for filing a Declaration of Intent with the Maryland State Board of Elections is only two weeks away! All interested candidates must file paperwork in Annapolis by the end of the day on Tuesday, February 25th. This deadline must be met to run for federal, state or local office this year (Governor, United States House of Representatives, House of Delegates, State Senate, or County Council). Click here for more information about seeking the Green Party's nomination for 2012 offices! 

We Call For A $15 Minimum Wage in 2014

The Maryland Green Party supports an immediate increase in Maryland's minimum wage to $15/hour. The Green Party views Governor O'Malley's efforts to raise the state (in addition to President Obama's efforts to raise the federal) minimum wage to $10.10 as "too little, too late". Click here to read our full statement in support of a $15 minimum wage. 

Green Party Urges President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry to Reject Tar-Sands Pipeline

The Maryland Green Party is hosting a petition for Marylanders to call on President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Click here to add your name.  From the Green Party of the United States: "President Obama is standing at a crossroads right now. He can say no to the Keystone XL pipeline and prove that his administration is serious about reducing production and consumption of fossil fuels. Or he can satisfy Big Oil and major investors by okaying the pipeline's conveyance of dirty, dangerous tar-sands crude oil from Canada across the United States," said Darryl Moch, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Green Party leaders called the State Department's Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, released last week, a troubling sign that the President might approve the pipeline soon. The Green Party has strongly opposed the pipeline and is urging Secretary of State John Kerry and the State Department, as well as other agencies, to reject it... Read the complete statement from the Green Party of the United States here.