Green Party to Congress: Pass the Sanders bill and HR 676, enact Single-Payer now

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party is calling for swift passage of Single-Payer national health care, which now has Sen. Bernie Sanders' legislation in the U.S. Senate (Medicare for All Act of 2017) along with House bill 676 to make conversion to a universal health care system possible. The Green Party of the United States supports a National Improved Medicare for All system that includes everyone living in the country, provides comprehensive benefits and eliminates cost-sharing such as co-pays and deductibles. The party has endorsed Single-Payer / Medicare For All ever since the party was founded. Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Calls for Diplomacy with North Korea and an End to Sanctions, Aggression

The Maryland Green Party opposes sanctions on North Korea and institutions that conduct business with North Korea. These sanctions will escalate tension with North Korea, as well as China and China’s close ally, Russia. Rather than punishment and threats, which have created insecurity that has predictably led to North Korea building weapons to protect itself, US policy should be seeking de-escalation, reduction of tensions and stability in the region. President Moon has called for a sunshine policy with North Korea and developing an economic relationship. Continue reading

MGP State Assembly 2017

Join us for the Maryland Green Party's annual State Assembly on June 24th in Baltimore City at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church. The event will take place from 10 AM to 4 PM. Click here for a downloadable flier. Continue reading

Rev Annie Chambers elected to the Baltimore Resident Advisory Board,

Rev. Annie Chambers has won her election to represent Douglass Homes on the Resident Advisory Board, making her the Baltimore City Green Party’s first elected official!  Continue reading

Trump reverses climate change protections with “Energy Independence Executive Order,” pushes nation toward further risk of climate catastrophe

President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that will dramatically harm communities across the country by undoing the already limited climate change protections set in place under the Clean Power Plan, the country’s first national limit on dangerous carbon pollution from power plants. Instead of supporting clean jobs for the future, Trump’s order rescinds at least six executive orders that would have curbed climate change and regulated carbon emissions, including preparing for the impact of climate change and outlining the growing threat to national security that climate change poses. Continue reading