There is No Debate

The Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is starting in a few minutes, and on one issue there is no debate – there should be more than two candidates on the stage right now.

Unfortunately, we're too late to get a Green Party candidate on the debate stage tonight, but we aren't too late to get a Green candidate on Maryland's Presidential ballot this November. We need every signature we can get as we are set to begin the final month of our ballot access campaign. 

If you are watching the debate tonight or opening this e-mail later, we hope you'll take just a minute to fill out this form that will enter your information onto a petition sheet. We can then mail you the sheet to sign with a return envelope you can use to return it to us. 

If you're watching with someone else who wants to see more voices including in our political debates, they can sign too! Any Maryland registered voter can sign the petition. Forward this e-mail to your friends or have them add their name to the sheet once you get it from us. 

Again, click the link here and complete the online form. You can have your petition sheet mailed to you in a few days to sign and return to us in the enclosed envelope. 

Thank you!