November 2023 CC Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mary Rooker, Charlotte McBrearty, Brian Bittner, Tim Willard, Bill Barry, Nancy Rooker, Moshe Landman, Renaud Brown, Harry Isaksson

The meeting commenced at 7:07pm. Attendees on the call introduced themselves. 

Officer Reports

Mary/Charlotte: no specific items to report

Tim: income remains steady at approximately $200/month; $9,300 in state account, $1,600 in federal account

Brian: draft minutes of last meeting were posted

Minutes of the October meeting were approved. 

Local Reports

Baltimore (Bill, Brian): the BGP held a Steering Committee election for the next year; Year-End Party planned for December 13

Montgomery County (Nancy): a bill is upcoming to allow RCV in local Montgomery County elections; BACC is holding an event January 9, they will organize a bus for attendees

Committee Reports

Ballot Access Committee: Committee wants to shift much of the work of petitioning to campaigns, Nancy's campaign is about to launch and will contribute; Tim has volunteered to verify and clean up petitions 

Bylaws: meetings to start in 2024

Electoral: report on latest contacts with Presidential candidate hopefuls, Electoral Committee 

Finance: looking to reconvene committee 

Membership: hoping to do phone banking at some point

National Committees

Animal Rights: no current plans

Black Caucus: no report

Lavender Caucus: no report 

Diversity Committee: recently held events in support of Transgender Day of Remembrance
Coordinated Campaign Committee: committee is taking applications for grants to candidates

Platform Committee: taking proposals, deadline is January 31st

National Committee Votes
 (sent via e-mail)

New Business

Communications Committee proposal: to be posted to listserv for discussion 

Assembly discussion: Baltimore local is interested in hosting, asking the state party to make decision on host local soon

Complaint against Moshe: Charlotte would like to bring complaints regarding social media posts and other public statements to the Conflict Resolution Group

Action item: the Conflict Resolution Group must be constituted and take action

Next meeting: December 19

Meeting was adjourned at 8:26pm.