Maryland Green Party Supports Senate Bill 29, Calls For State-Wide Fracking Ban

For Immediate Release:
January 26, 2015

Brian Bittner, Chair, 443-449-4159

The Maryland Green Party supports Senate Bill 29 and calls for a state-wide ban on the practice of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for natural gas. 

The Green Party supports the idea - as Senate Bill 29 states - that "a person may not engage in the hydraulic fracturing of a well for the exploration or production of natural gas in the state" of Maryland.  

Fracking involves the introduction of toxic chemicals into underwater rock formations. The spread of these chemicals cannot be reliably predicted, potentially poisoning groundwater for communities or entire towns. 

The Green Party calls for a rapid reduction in energy consumption through energy efficiency and a decisive transition away from fossil and nuclear power toward cleaner, renewable, local energy sources.

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