Happy May Day From the Party of Labor!

From the Green Party of the United States:

Today the Green Party celebrates May Day, also known as International Workers' Day.

The Green Party platform calls for a living wage for all workers (much higher than the $10.10 per hour proposed by President Obama), the rights to unionize, collectively bargain, and strike, and a comprehensive package of rights for workers.

We recognize that workers are responsible for our nation's wealth and middle class. We oppose the efforts of the wealthiest 1%, and the corporations and politicians they own, to dismantle organized labor and the American middle class. Our solidarity with labor has led to more Green Party candidates earning the support of organized labor each election cycle.

Greens around the country are participating in May Day events this week, including in the District of ColumbiaPhiladelphia, and other cities across the country.

Because the Green Party is an international movement, we are particularly excited to celebrate International Workers' Day with people across the globe. As a sign of our commitment to building movements across borders, we just concluded our Be Green Globally campaign, organized in cooperation with the Green Parties of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Happy May Day!