Greens Are Leading the Way Against Corporate Control

From the Green Party of the United States:

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We want to tell you some more about two major victories for local, grassroots politics over massive corporate investments in controlling our democracy.

In Oregon, Measure 90 was defeated by a huge margin. The measure - which would have severely limited future choices at the ballot box by switching Oregon to a "Top Two" system - was backed by billionaires Michael Bloomberg and John Arnold.Greens and other grassroots organizations rallied and overcame this attempt to control democracy. Pacific Green Party spokesperson Blair Bobier noted that "now that 'Top Two' has been rejected overwhelmingly for the second time, despite the millions of dollars behind it, we need to consider real changes to the election system, such as Instant Runoff Voting and public campaign financing."

In Richmond, CA, former mayor and Green Party member Gayle McLaughlin was elected to the City Council after being forced to step down as mayor due to term limits. Her City Council bid was opposed by Chevron, which runs an oil refinery in Richmond and spent millions to keep McLaughlin and her opposition to the refinery off the council. She was able to overcome millions in corporate attack ads and win a seat on the council. 

Greens are leading the way against corporate influence in American elections. While the campaigns in Oregon and Richmond were successful, "Top Two" is still on the agenda in many states, and corporate spending on elections has never been higher. We need your support to take the fight against the 1% to the next level. We need to invest in staff, training for candidates, and support for building state parties. As we approach the 2016 election, we hope you will get involved with your state and local party, consider running for office, and continue to support the Green Party of the United States.