Green Party Makes Gains in Ballot Access Nation-Wide

According to Ballot Access News, the Green Party is guaranteed ballot access for its 2016 Presidential nominee in 19 states. This is a 25% increase from results in 2010, when the Green Party was guaranteed ballot access in 14 states as a result of that year's election.

In comparison to the party's election results from 2010, the Green Party picked up ballot access for the 2016 election in Delaware, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

The Green Party did not lose ballot access in any state relative to 2010's results.

This total, of course, is incomplete. Our ballot status will not be finalized until after we complete and submit our petition by December 31st of this year. We have surpassed our goal of 15,000 signatures and are preparing to submit our petition to the State Board of Elections for verification. 

It is still possible that enough signatures will be disqualified to invalidate our petition. We need your help to continue collecting signatures and be ready to put petitioners on the street immediately if our petition should be invalidated sometime next month. 

Please contribute today to help support our petition drive! We rely on your contributions - not outside groups funded with secret money - to do all our work. Thank you for your continued support!