Green Party Blasts Supreme Court's Ruling on Campaign Contributions, Calls for Public Campaign Financing

From the Green Party of the United States: Candidates and other members of the Green Party of the United States sharply criticized a Supreme Court decision declaring limits on the total amount of money contributors may give to all candidates, committees, and political parties to be unconstitutional, which was announced on April 2.

"The court's ruling on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission is a victory for plutocrats and a serious blow to democracy," said Paul Glover, Green Party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

"The McCutcheon ruling enables a dangerous expansion of the right of the 1% to undermine fair elections. It allows the wealthiest far greater control over which candidates will be chosen by parties and over the outcome of elections. It ensures that the most powerful corporations will have even greater influence over the legislative decisions made by politicians of the two corporate-money parties," said Mr. Glover.

The Green Party supports public funding of federal, state, and local campaigns and a constitutional amendment that limits rights and protections to human beings. Greens insist that the U.S. Constitution must protect people, not corporations and the privileges of the super-rich.

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