Declare Your Independence - Get Greens on the Ballot!

It's time to declare your independence from the system that tries to tell us that two golf handicap-obsessed men who support and are funded by the same corporate interests and oppressive overseas regimes are the only choices to lead this nation.

After last week's debate where no one won and America overwhelmingly lost, the entire country is searching for ways to declare their independence. The Green Party is working to meet the moment by winning ballot access and providing an alternative for voters desperate for something new. 

This is a moment we need to meet on the state and local level as well. In these elections, voters frequently find themselves not only with no good options, but no options at all. Statistics show that nationally, over 80% of sitting state legislators faced no primary challenger, and 45% of state legislators had no general election challenger. Almost half of state legislative races in this country are less competitive than elections in North Korea!  

In Maryland, the numbers are nearly as bad. According to our analysis of the 2022 General Assembly election, 17 of 47 State Senate seats (36%) and 72 of 188 House of Delegates seats (38%) were uncontested. Nearly 40% of Marylanders have no choice when it comes to who will represent them in Annapolis. 

We are already working to find candidates to run in state elections in 2026 (and we will soon have a Green Party nominee for President in 2024), BUT we can't name these candidates to the ballot unless we can win back ballot access. The first step to declaring your independence is to help us in this final critical month of our ballot access drive.

Our goal is to turn in 16,000 signatures by August 5th. We are more than halfway there but we must push hard this month if we are going to make it. Every day we have petitioners out talking to voters and every week we have volunteers out collecting petitions at events.

This year we have also added an online form you can complete, and we will send you a petition ready to sign and send back to us.

Click here to complete the form and request your petition.

Once we get on the ballot this year voters can affiliate with the Green Party and we can decrease the number of uncontested races in 2026.

Take two or three minutes to fill out the form and request your petition. If you have any questions, please contact Andy Ellis at [email protected]

If you've already completed the petition, thank you! We hope you can support our effort with a donation to the Maryland Green Party today! 100% of your donation will go to ballot access efforts in this last critical month. 

If you want a choice in Maryland that is rooted in peace, justice, democracy, and ecology we need your help now! Together, we can challenge the parties of war and Wall Street. 

Thank you!