Ballot Access

Welcome to our ballot access page! Here's how you can take action today: 


1. Read the petition instructions.

2. Download and sign the petition. Be sure to include your middle initial or name, to print legibly, and to sign the bottom completely as circulator, as indicated in the instructions.


Volunteer to work for our ballot access campaign. You can collect signatures at your own pace at events in your area. We will send you important updates about the status of the campaign as it progresses. 


Make a financial contribution today! Volunteer effort goes a long way but we will need to pay for supplies and professional help to collect signatures. 


Why are we collecting signatures? 

State law requires us to stay recognized as a political party in order to run candidates for office. One way to maintain this status is to win 1% of the vote in the race for Governor this November. We've nominated our candidate and are working to turn out as many votes as possible.

The other way to stay recognized is to collect 10,000 VALID signatures of Maryland voters who want to see the Green Party stay on the ballot. Up to 1/3 of signatures we submit could be rejected by the State and Local Board of Elections, so our goal is 15,000 total signatures.

If  Green Party candidates are going to be on the ballot in 2024, we have until August of 2024 to collect and turn in our signatures for the State and Local Boards to review.

We've developed a plan to collect those 15,000 signatures, and we need your help!


How the Campaign Works

Before we can submit 15,000 signatures we need to collect them! This involves paper forms, lots of them! Each sheet holds up to 5 signatures, but can have anywhere between 1 and 5 signatures. So by the end of the campaign we are talking about over 5000 sheets of paper. The State and Local Boards will look at each sheet and each signature on it, and make sure it matches their records. This is the process in which they will determine if each signature is valid.  

Each person can sign the petition one time, but any person can collect multiple signatures.

Get started today by printing, signing, and returning the petition. Any registered Maryland voter can sign. Ask anyone in your house to sign as well. You can print multiple copies and collect signatures from anywhere people gather in your area. Download the petition and instructions here so you'll know all the tips and tricks to get as many valid signatures as possible.