Election Day is Around the Corner, Support MD Greens Today


Dear Fellow Progressives,  


Can you donate $25 today to the Maryland Green Party?

With less than 80 days left until Election Day  we are gearing up for our most successful election ever.

  • Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are coming off of a very successful Presidential nominating convention in Houston, and building momentum for a historic and ground breaking run for the presidency.
  • Every Marylander will have the opportunity to vote for the progressive candidate for U.S. Senate, Dr. Margaret Flowers. (Sign the petition to get Margaret into the debates!)
  • Dr. Flowers is joined in her quest to bring Green solutions to Congress by 5 Green Party candidates seeking seats in the US House of Representatives.. 
  • Greens are surging in Baltimore! Mayoral candidate Joshua Harris is leading the way to challenge 50+ years of failed Democratic Party domination of Baltimore. With his popularity rising, Joshua needs your financial and volunteer support. In addition to Harris' campaign for Mayor, there are Green Party candidates for 6 City Council seats, including President!  
  • Local Green Party Chapters are emerging all over the state of Maryland.

Your $25 donation today will help us print literature, inform voters about Green candidates, and build local chapters across the state. Can you donate today?


The Maryland Green Party takes no corporate, union, nor PAC money. We are purely people powered. Your individual support, whether it be through your volunteering time or your money, will go a long way to further the fight for a progressive agenda. The only way we get there is by generating alternative political power that is of, by, and for the people. This is what the Green Party is all about.

Thank You again for your support!

Peace and Solidarity,
Robert Edward Smith, MGP co-chair