Amazing Year of Growth: More to Come in 2018

The Maryland Green Party has had an amazing year of growth and activity. We expect 2018 to be even better but we need your help.

Our most important electoral win was the election of Reverend Annie Chambers as delegate to the Resident Advisory Board representing Douglass Homes in Baltimore.  At Douglass, residents are being deliberately neglected by the Housing Authority. Entire neighborhoods are being allowed to physically and socially decay with one simple aim: to get people out of there and take the land for other uses.

As long as Annie and the Green Party are there we will continue to fight for more democracy and decent living conditions for the residents at Douglass Homes.

The Baltimore County local has been working to defend immigrant rights, taking part in airport anti-deportation demonstrations, and helping to defeat a discriminatory Republican policing bill for immigrants in Baltimore County.   

The Montgomery County local has worked in coalition with others on such issues as passing the $15 an hour minimum wage and urging the state to adopt the Off Fossil Fuels Act that would require 100% of our electricity to be generated from clean energy sources by 2035.

We continue to expand throughout the state with sustained  growth in Green Party voters, and new locals forming in Baltimore, Allegany, and Prince George's Counties in the last year.

In 2018 we plan to continue our expansion with focused outreach in 3 Phases that will bring Green Party chapters to every part of the state.

These locals are actively recruiting Green Party candidates for the 2018 elections.  We already have Governor and Lieutenant Governor candidates, one Congressional candidate, and at least 4 county council candidates, 1 county executive 6 state delegates one town council candidate.

In 2018 we are going to need your support:

  • We will need volunteers to help local candidates and the Governor's race where we must get at least one percent of the vote in order to maintain our ballot access. Sign up to volunteer today.

  • Support The Maryland Green Party financially: To grow our membership, organize for social justice in our communities and support 2018 candidates we will need to raise money. The Green Party does not take donations from corporations or PACs and if we are going to provide a real alternative we will need donors like you. Sign Up For Monthly Donations to the Maryland Green Party or make a one time donation today.

We are becoming an important force for change. With your help we can do more.