A Message From Green Candidate Tim Willard

Tim Willard won 21,530 votes in last week's election for Montgomery County Council (At-Large).

Dear Supporters,

I would like to thank everyone who supported my campaign. With your support the Green Party made important progress toward becoming an established party in the county. We picked up endorsements that no Green Party candidate had ever received before, we increased our vote totals from four years ago and we received important support among the activist community.

While voter turnout in the county was down from four years ago, my vote total was higher than our at large candidate then. More than 21,000 people voted for me, or about 9% of the voters who turned out. This is a solid base to build on.

Since the county has passed a campaign finance law that pays $5 for every dollar raised past a certain amount, a future campaign that made a serious effort to raise funds could receive $100,000 or more from the county which would allow us to reach many more people.

Our work to build a sustainable county will continue. In the immediate future, the Montgomery County Green Party will join a coalition of environmental and civic groups to persuade the county council to pass a green building code without caving in the developer pressure to gut the measure.

We will continue to work for a community that is sustainable, prosperous and just.

Thank you again, one and all, for your support.

Tim Willard