Today is the 4th Anniversary of Citizens United

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC decision, when the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are allowed to make unlimited political expenditures. 

Wealthy individuals, corporations and Super PACs are now free to spend millions on advertisements for the candidates and elected officials who will be expected to protect consumers from those same corporations once they are elected. In 2012, corporations and Super PACs spent over $1 billion on our elections, much of which was not publicly disclosed. 

The Green Party believes that a level playing field for all candidates for public office is vital to a functional American democracy. We call for the overturning of the Citizens United decision. We support amending the Constitution to ensure that only human beings - not corporations - are considered persons with free speech rights.

This is why the Green Party is the only national political party that refuses all contributions from corporations and political action committees. The Green Party is leading by example - leading the way to elections free of corporate influence, undisclosed cash, and democracy sold to the highest bidder.

Please help us lead the way with a contribution today.