2024 Local Nomination Processes

Baltimore City

The Baltimore City Green Party is seeking candidates for the 2024 Baltimore City election. In 2024, offices up for election will be Mayor, President of the City Council, Comptroller, and Members of the City Council. 

Nomination Process

The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) uses a party-run primary procedure to determine our nominees for partisan offices in Baltimore City, including:

  • Mayor
  • President of the City Council
  • Comptroller
  • Member of the City Council

For statewide and federal races please see the Maryland Green Party's nomination procedures. 

Candidate Eligibility: Candidates that have filed a State Board of Elections Declaration of Intent to run as a Green Party Candidate in Baltimore City will appear on the BGP primary ballot. 

Dates of Primary: Primary voting will be open from 8:00 AM, July 8th, 2024 to 8:00 PM, July 14th, 2024.

Voter Eligibility All Green voters in a district in which there is a candidate will be able to request and cast a ballot. People disenfranchised from being able to register to vote, including people under 18 years old, people who are incarcerated, and people who are citizens of other countries, may request to become a member of the Baltimore City Green Party by emailing the BGP steering committee at [email protected] by July 1st, 2024, and request a ballot and vote in the Baltimore City Green Party 2024 Primary Election.

Voter Engagement At least one forum will be held by the party between the filing deadline and the start of the election. The party will hold a debate for any contested elections and a forum for all candidates. The steering committee will also provide multiple opportunities for candidates to engage with Green voters during the election cycle

Ballot Design and Tabulation All balloting will be conducted using “Ranked Choice Voting”. That term is broad. The specific form of RCV will be determined by no later than June of 2023. 

Vacancies If no candidate wins, or if there is no candidate for a position, a vacancy shall remain for that particular ballot line.

Disputes : Unless the membership decide otherwise, the Steering Committee shall resolve any disputes. If a member would like to propose a different dispute resolution process, they must do so at the April 2023 membership meeting and get it approved no later than June of 2023. 

Information for Candidates

For the 2024 elections, all candidates seeking the nomination of the Baltimore City Green Party must:

1. File a Declaration of Intent with the Maryland State Board of Elections. State law requires each candidate that seeks to appear on the general election ballot to file a Declaration of Intent. The deadline is July 1, 2024. Candidates must have a Green Party voter affiliation at the time of the filing of the Declaration of Intent. More information about filing a declaration of intent can be found here.

2. Notify the Steering Committee of the Baltimore City Green Party. Candidates interested in running or wishing to notify the Baltimore Green Party  of their intent to run can send an email to [email protected].

3. Not appear on the primary ballot for the Democrat or Republican Parties in 2024. State law prohibits candidates who did not win a primary from appearing on a general election ballot. It is also the policy of the Baltimore City Green Party that candidates are not eligible if they have appeared on the primary ballot of another party in the same general election cycle. 

4. Obtain a Certificate of Nomination from the Maryland Green Party.
Per Maryland state law, the Maryland Green Party Coordinating Committee is the ultimate body that forwards the final Certificate of Nomination of candidates who will appear in the General Election to the Board of Elections, and under circumstances when evidence exists of egregious violations of Key Values by a prospective candidate, may choose not to forward a Certificate for that candidate.