2022 Assembly Voting Information

This page contains the information to vote in the elections pertaining to the 2022 Assembly of the Maryland Green Party.


Requesting A Ballot 

Ballots will become available May 22, 2022. When making your request, please provide your name and address as they are on file with the State Board of Elections. So that we may verify your registration status, please also provide your date of birth. Specify whether you want to cast a paper or electronic ballot. 

Eligible voters must be registered with the Maryland State Board of Elections as "Green" at the time they submit their ballot no later than June 9th, 2022.


E-mail Request
[email protected]

Ballots To Be Available - May 22, 2022

Request Due - 10 am June 9, 2022

Returned Ballots Due - 12 noon June 12, 2022