2022 Officer Nominees

2022 Officer Candidates - VOTER INFORMATION

Below is information about the candidates who won election as of June 12, 2022. Welcome, new officers!

  • Charlotte McBrearty (Co-Chair) has served as Washington County's delegate to the Maryland Green Party for many years. Most recently, she also served on the important Bylaws Review and Rules Committee in its massive overhaul review of the bylaws.

  • Devonie Doles (GPUS National Committee delegate) has already served this year as MGP Treasurer. They were also a GPUS National Committee alternate delegate but became full voting delegate when they stepped up to fill a mid-term vacancy.

  • Mary Rooker (Recording Secretary and GPUS National Committee) served as a Montgomery County delegate to the MGP from 2017-2021 and is finishing their term as MGP co-chair, Acting Secretary, and GPUS National Committee delegate. They wish to continue as Secretary and GPUS-NC delegate. See additional details.