2021 Voting & Tabulation

2021 MGP Elections: Voting & Tabulating Information

A. Officer Elections

1A. Voting. Officers will be elected, as specified by our bylaws, through “proportional or preference balloting.” Ranked Choice Voting / Instant Runoff Voting will be used to comply with the bylaws. All registered Greens in the State of Maryland may vote in officer elections.

2A. Ballots. With the Assembly being virtual, an opportunity to vote in officer elections will be provided to members ahead of the Assembly. These ballots may come in the form of electronic or paper submissions. The security of all options will be evaluated by the C.C. to determine which will be used for the Assembly.


B. Bylaws Amendments

1B. Submissions. Proposals must be endorsed by at least one local chapter or caucus in order to be included on the Assembly ballot. Alternatively and excluding Articles 2, 5, and 14 of the bylaws, the C.C. may decide with 3/4 support to temporarily amend the bylaws. All temporary amendments must be approved by the Assembly to be made permanent.

2B. Approval. Proposals must have 2/3 support from the Assembly to be approved.


C. Green National Committee (GNC)

1C. Voting. Ranked Choice Voting / Instant Runoff Voting will be used to comply with the bylaws to elect Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the GNC.


D. Additional Information

1D. Explanation. Single position officer contests will use Ranked Choice Voting, requiring 50% +1 support for the winning candidate. Voters are not required, but are encouraged to rank all candidates. Multiple position contests will use a runoff voting process similar to Ranked Choice Voting. While only one vote per ranking will be allowed, the 2nd ranking will be equivalent to a 1st ranking for the “Two Position” elections of Co-Chair and membership coordinator. The threshold for “Two Position” elections is ~33% +1. For the “Three Position” elections for Delegate and Alternate Delegate, both the 2nd and 3rd ranking will be equivalent to a 1st ranking. The threshold for “Three Position” elections is 25% +1. This will ensure fairness, as multiple votes per rank are not feasible with the ballots being used.

2D. Verification. The name, date of birth, and zip code provided by voters will be used to verify registration status. Voter information must be provided to match what they have on file with the State Board of Elections. Votes electronically submitted using the form are time stamped, with a receipt of vote selections sent to the voter. Results will be announced at the Assembly.

3D. Limitations. The bylaws do not specifically outline how multi-member position elections are to be conducted, only that they be proportional or allow preference voting.