Oops, A Little Over Budget...

The following is a request from Dan Robinson. Green Party candidates Tim Willard and Ian Schlakman are also seeking contributions to support their campaigns. Click here to make a contribution to Tim. Click here to make a contribution to Ian. 

From Dan Robinson for Maryland House of Delegates, District 20:

Hi friends and family, 

This hasn't been an overly aggressive fundraising campaign because it's been mostly electronic and thus low cost. There are 60,000 voters in District 20. We've raised about $9,000, and have created and sent 8 'radio ads' to 20,000 homes, about 30,000 emails, printed 5,000 flyers, and used 200 yard signs. I've gotten good media attention, and used Facebook and other social media.

Yesterday I found a list of 16,000 emails in District 20, and contracted to send to them a couple of times before Tuesday. We're also considering a special edible poll-related giveaway. This puts the campaign over budget by about $1,800.

If you haven't reached the contribution limit of $250, can you help? 

Click here to pitch in this one last time.