Fight For Fifteen: MGP Endorses HB 1416 / SB 962

The Maryland Green Party endorses HB1416 / SB962.  This measure would increase the minimum wage in Maryland to $15 an hour, in phases, culminating in the $15 by 2024.  At that point, the minimum wage would begin to be indexed for inflation.  The bill provides for a slower schedule of phase-in for businesses that employ fewer than 26 people. Continue reading

MGP Endorses Wired Broadband Act of 2017 - HB 1313

The Maryland Green Party endorses HB 1313, The Wired Broadband Act of 2017, which would require landline telephone companies to commit to extending universal wired broadband access throughout the state. While most of the state is going cellular for primary phone and data usage, many people in rural counties and older Marylanders still use landline telephone and data services. Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Calls on All Marylanders of Conscience to Reject Trump’s Second Attempt at an Anti-Immigrant Islamaphobic Travel Ban

As people of conscience, the Maryland Green Party opposes discrimination against anyone regardless of nationality, religion, or race, and respects and values cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity. Therefore we encourage all Marylanders to reject this most recent display of racist and discriminatory action by the Trump Administration, and to call on the President to rescind this unconstitutional and immoral ban against immigrants. Continue reading

MGP Endorses The Maryland Pretrial Justice Reform Act - HB 1390 / SB 880

The cash bail system in Maryland is broken and unjust. It imposes jail time on those who have not yet been tried. Cash bail has a disproportionate impact on black communities and communities of people living in poverty. Continue reading

MGP Calls For Marijuana Legalization - HB 1236 / SB 891

The Maryland Green Party endorses HB 1236 and SB 891 calling for a constitutional amendment providing Marylanders over the age of 21 a right to use, possess, and cultivate Cannabis. If this bill passes both chambers of the General Assembly by a ⅗ majority, the question would go to voters during the 2018 general election. In the case that the constitutional amendment passes, residents of Maryland would be able to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants. The purchase and sale would be regulated by the state of Maryland. Continue reading